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Why Choose MY SEC Material App

If your RFQ/PO specifies need for a material barcode in the description you are required to affix SEC specified barcode with GS 1 Datametrics and human readable information. SEC will not accept unlabelled goods.

Why Choose Us

  • The barcode should include QR code
  • Material No, Purchase order No, Vendor No, Expiry Date and Serial No(If applicable)
  • The GS 1 QR code should be printed along with the manufacturer information on the riveted metal plate as applicable and the barcode should be affixed on each packaging

Easy Dashboard

That show how many barcode you generate in every month also with Total at this time

Create Lable

Throw this function you can easily update data in filed of Material Number, Expiry Date, PO Number,Serial,Partumber and save barcode geneate

Easy print

Once barcode ready you can download in jpg/pdf and print throw barcode printer company prefer zebra barcode printer

Section 4

The barcodes will be applied for all the bid s were opened on October 09 , 2022

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